Post Covid Rehabilitation


Post Covid Rehabilitation is a specially designed complex program that helps to promote and accelerate the recovery of people after Covid-19 disease infection.

Unfortunately, we are increasingly confronted with the fact that after Covid-19 infection, there is a long-term illness, suffocation, fatigue, which greatly impairs people's quality of life, and also hinders their return to work or everyday life. The long-term effects of Covid (the so-called 'Long Covid' symptom) place a heavy burden not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and psychically on people, so as healthcare professionals we need to examine and treat our patients in a multidisciplinary way.

I am offering a demandingly constructed, specially designed complex rehabilitation program according to the latest professional guidelines and instructions. I am waiting for all my guests who have had a COVID infection, whose everyday life activities are still tiring, exhausting, have a reduced tolerance to exercise, suffering from shortness of breath, gasps, have pain or feel something "left over" from the disease. We welcome everyone who would like to consult a professional, talk about the steps of the complete rehabilitation process. We provide help for everyone who needs advice, and we offer high-quality surroundings for everyone who wants to return to sports in a safe and professionally controlled manner.

During the rehabilitation process, the emphasis is on the very detailed recording of the medical history, discussing and evaluating existing complaints and symptoms, assessment of physical, mental and emotional state, and:

1. monitoring of the cardiological status (anatomical and functional status)
2. determination of the functional capacity and condition of the respiratory and skeletal muscles
3. assessment of symptom limited endurance
4. setting up the jointly defined therapeutic plan
5. involve an additional health-care provider into the program, if necessary (cardiologist, psychiatrist, neurologist...etc) 

We help each of our patient's recover with an individualized rehabilitation program, which consists of the followings:

  • anamnesis recording, questioning, evaluation of documents related to Covid 
  • condition assessment, special covid related tests 
  • breathing exercises
  • positive expiratory pressure training
  • heart rate controlled and symptom limited endurance training program
  • lower and upper limb training
  • chest and dorsal spine mobilization
  • cardiovascular rehabilitation
  • psycological and emotional support

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