Why can't I straighten my knee?


Why can't you straighten your knee?
Have you ever felt pain deep in the joint?
Was your knee swollen as well?
Did the lack of straightness turn you crazy?
Then read this👀⬇️  

Keep reading down below where I go through the five most common reasons that make it difficult to straighten your knee. 

1️⃣ Meniscus tear.
Specifically a bucket handle tear of the meniscus. This is a unique tear where the torn piece of meniscus flips into the center of the knee joint.

2️⃣ ACL tear.

If you had a twisting injury and felt a pop, there is nearly a 75 % chance that you injured your ACL. Many athletes with an ACL tear will find it painful to straighten the knee. The knee isn't locked, but it hurts too much to straighten it out. Within a few days of tearing your ACL, the swelling will start to diminish, and you will likely be able to straighten your knee again.

3️⃣ Swelling.

There are many reasons why your knee might be swollen. Swelling is common after severe injuries due to bleeding.

4️⃣ Patella or kneecap dislocations.

Patella dislocations are far more common than previously thought. If you felt or heard a loud clunk or pop in the front of your knee while turning or you were struck in the front of your knee then it is possible that your kneecap came out of place and went back into place on its own. We call this a spontaneously reduced patella dislocation. Many people who dislocate their kneecap will develop significant swelling.

5️⃣ Tendon Injuries.

Some people can not straighten their knee due to weakness or tendon injury. Injuries to the quadriceps or patella tendon will affect your ability to straighten the knee. If one of those two strong tendons are torn, then you will not be able to straighten your knee